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Over the past eighty years, much new information has become available about Sheldon's venture at Barcheston. There are several reasons.


Firstly, the early researchers overlooked an important group of documents, those relating to the settlement of 'strangers' in London. Since that word had appeared in Sheldon's will, those records should have been examined. They were available in print.


©V&A Images/Victoria and Albert Museum, London


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Secondly many records previously difficult to locate have become available. Some of that information changes the earlier picture, some of it adds to it.

Thirdly, many more secondary studies on related topics, such as biographies, the economic background and tapestries, suggest different conclusions.

Read what we know now. Only twelve weavers and only four products, none of which survives, are mentioned in documents.


©V&A Images/Victoria and Albert Museum, London


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on 'Sheldon' tapestries now >

Finally, many more tapestries have come to light and been categorized as 'Sheldon'. Their design and workmanship varies considerably and does not always confirm their suggested origin.

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