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© Courtesy of the Marquess of Salisbury, Hatfield House

Changes in the documentary evidence about the weavers can be summarized as follows :

•  The grant to Richard Hyckes of the post of royal arrasmaker (which meant responsibility for repair and conservation of the tapestries owned by the monarch, rather than weaving new pieces) in January 1569. The work was done in the Great Wardrobe in London. A street name marks the site.
Calendar of Patent Rolls 1566-69, no. 2573; TNA C66/1060, m.7.

•  Extension of the grant in May 1575 to associate Richard's son, Francis , after Richard's death or resignation and permission to have six servants born in England to work for their own profit.
Calendar of Patent Rolls 1572-1575, no. 3268, TNA C66/1136, m.16 or, more conveniently, TNA LC 5/49 f.317-19.

•  An account of a law suit brought by Hyckes against a client who failed to pay him, which gives details of men at Barcheston
TNA Req 2/215/1-63, no.37; Req 2/118/1-60, no 16. Req 2/121/1-60 no.32, Req 2/223/1-127 no.66.

•  Removal from the post as head of the arras men of the Hyckes, both father and son, in 1609
Calendar of Patent Rolls 1572-1575, no. 3269, TNA C66/1136, m.16 verso,

•  Succession to that post of a man trained at Barcheston
TNA LC 5/50, 198-200.


© Courtesy of the Marquess of
Salisbury, Hatfield House

•  Records relating to alien settlers in London including reference to Henrik Camerman employed by William Sheldon between 1564 and 1570.

R.E.G. Kirk and E.F. Kirk, Returns of Aliens living in London, Publications of the Huguenot Society of London, vol 10, four parts, 1900.

William Page, Aliens in England 1509-1603. Letters of Denization and Naturalization, Publications of the Huguenot Society of London , vol. 8, 1893.

Wendy Hefford, 'Flemish Tapestry Weavers in England : 1550-1775', Proceedings of the Mechelen Congress, October 2000, "Flemish Weavers Abroad", 2002

•  Use of the phrase 'the only author and beginner of this art' in grants to other émigrés trying to establish a craft not known in England

Calendar of Patent Rolls 1582-83 , no. 867.

•  Details of cloth weaving noted in the account book of Ralph Sheldon

Warwickshire Record Office, CR 2632, folio 34.




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